“My kids love the story and fun characters! I enjoyed reading it so much I read it all myself before reading to my kids! I’ll go back and read it to them now, they’re so excited!”

-Mother of 5

“I enjoyed the mystery and suspense in this story. The adventure keeps moving at a good pace and doesn’t drag. The puns are hilarious! Boys and girls alike will enjoy the fantasy j.b. wendel used to create this story. Definitely a book I would recommend!”


“I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!!” What a fun adventure for all ages. Examples of Friendship, courage, and being true to one self abound in this fantasy novel. The ending left our family wanting for more. Can’t wait until book #2 is released.”


“Loved reading the book, and told my kids a few things about it and now they can’t wait for me to read it to them! Very creative idea, and fun to see where the story goes! I can’t wait for the next one in the series!”


“Love it! Its very fun and great for kids! I love the character’s mixed personalities! I totally recommend it!”


“So good! Great middle reader!”


“Great book with lots of imagination. It would be great for boys and girls in third to sixth grade. It moves steadily, so we never got bored, and had a hard time putting it down. There are lots of good puns in it.”


“The storyline sucks you in almost immediately and you can’t help but feel invested in the characters. A good story which teaches the importance of love, loyalty and friendship.

Looking forward to reading this with my kids!”


“I loved it. Humorous, didn’t drag, creative story line . . . keep them coming!”


“Fun and clever story! I was drawn in to the characters and the story line immediately. My favorite phrase was “fishy mosh-pit.”


Delightful book to read. Really enjoyed the story and the humor


“Absolutely Loved It! The characters are great and I can’t wait fo the next one in the series!! I really enjoy the style of writing and hope the next one comes out soon!!”


“This is an incredible read. A new world of climbers, walkers, swimmers and flyers. It will keep your attention. It is hard to put down.”


“A good friend recommended this book to me but as I have been busy studying for my classes I hadn’t picked it up until late last night. I couldn’t sleep, but I was too tired to study any further so I decided to do some light reading to fall asleep… however, upon starting this book I found that I lost all sense of time and 110 pages and 3 hours later I realized that my ploy to read myself to sleep had failed. Excellent book, well written and very engaging (hopefully clear from my experience).”


“Wonderful book I loved every word of it. I was immediately drawn in and couldn’t stop reading till the last page. I loved the characters Septus and Raimy and all their arguments throughout the book. Great moral and amazing plot. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series!”

-Weaver of Words

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