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ONE YEAR AGO, Sara’s mother disappeared.

LAST NIGHT, she found her mother’s secret jewelry box.

TONIGHT, she read her mother’s last note, and learned about a hidden, underwater kingdom . . . and some people who want to destroy it.

NOW, they’re hunting her down and Sara must decide whether to continue her mother’s work of saving the underwater kingdom, or hide.


“Wait! Is that all? But it doesn’t say anything about us!”

“Who would want to read about a 7 legged octopus with a secret spy complex?”

“Exactly! I’ll bet everyone just raised their hands! Besides, what would Sara’s deep sea Aquatian rescue be without her two Side-Fins.”

“You mean Side-Kicks.”

“You can’t be a side-kick, you’re a manta ray, you don’t even have legs.”

“And you don’t have fins.”

“Good point, though I don’t really have legs either, they’re tentacles, it’s totally different. We’ll just have to settle for “Sara’s Super Secret Sea Spies”.”

“Or The S.S.S.S.S. for short.”


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